There are two recipients of the MKP-WI Ron Hering Award this year. This award, named after one of the three founders of the Mankind Project, goes to men who are “living their mission of service” in the community.

The recipients are Floyd Rowell (Urban Healer on back of Wild Horse) and James Mosley (Strong Bull), they did their weekend in September of 2012. They are facilitators at the Alma Center. The Alma center works with men who are offenders of domestic violence. The Alma Center offers an evidence based trauma informed alternative to working with these men with a emphasis on healing focused care. The success rate is phenomenal, men who have been through the program since its inception are 86% less likely to re-offend!

During a very challenging time 5 years ago Floyd worked 6 months without a day off, some nights even staying overnight at the Alma Center. He is truly an inspiration, and is the right man to lead what is know as the wisdom walk. In a recent promotional video for the Alma Center, he stated the mission statement from his NWTA!

Many people who know James call him a mentor. Makes sense, he is full of infinite wisdom and compassion. I’ve also learned ideas from him and implemented one idea in our Open Circles. He is truly a visionary of how things can be and a is bedrock within the Alma Center as he helped lay the foundation for new programs and speaks with Floyd around the state about Trauma Informed Care.

These two men are impacting many lives through their work, causing a ripple effect that goes out into men’s lives, their kids, their spouses, their community, Milwaukee, and Wisconsin.

Presentation of Ron Herring Award
Alma Center 2821 N 4th Street -3rd Floor
Monday July 9 at 5:30 p.m.

Come Sit in an Open Circle

by Steve Vedro on June 6, 2018

Come experience what its like to “sit in a circle of brothers.” Here is a place of trust and honesty as we explore how to be better men, sharing our shadows and our gold! Every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 7PM, at the Milwaukee Community Center Lodge, 1553 S. 38th Street (Suite 301, 2nd Floor). More more info: 262-719-2510

Our Next New Warrior Training Adventure is Coming in October

April 24, 2018

WI Oct2018 NWTA CALL TO STAFF[3858]Click Here for Staffing Info. Click Here to Register.

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