A little of our history:

In the mid 1980s, three men from the Milwaukee, WI area – Ron Hering (an Educator), Rich Tosi (an Engineer / Manager), and Bill Kauth (a Therapist), had jointly taken notice of the various women’s circles and trainings occurring at the time and wondered why there was nothing similar available for men.

This void was the impetus for them to collaborate and generate men’s groups via a weekend gateway experience which is now known as the New Warrior Training Adventure (NWTA). Many men who attended this training and participated in the men’s groups they fostered decided that it would be a good idea to share with the world what they themselves received from their involvement.

Over 35 years later with more than 70 thousand men having attended the NWTA, the ManKind Project is a network of nonprofit volunteer organizations with 14 global Regions and over 140 communities in over 25 countries around the world supporting men’s personal development, emotional maturity, and service in community.

A little about the Wisconsin New Warrior Community:

The Wisconsin Area of the Mankind Project USA is comprised of a volunteer membership that has attended the NWTA and typically participates in our ongoing men’s groups, which we refer to as “I-Groups” or Integration Groups. There are four New Warrior communities around the State and Rockford, IL. These men form a diverse, committed, and vibrant community of men who endeavor to empower themselves and others to live lives of integrity, authenticity, servant leadership, and mission. We strive to co-create together a world of healing, expanded self awareness, and compassion. Besides conducting related trainings, workshops, and I-Groups we also regularly have social events like potlucks, game nights, and community service days.

An Invitation: We hope that you will “poke around’ our website, like what you see, and consider joining us. We “work” but we also “play and have fun”!